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Employee Accident With or Without Injury
Worker Injuries

Click here to find closest treating Doctor or Hospital

When you have an injured worker:

  1. In an Emergency Call "911"
  2. Call your supervisor ASAP.
  3. Non-Emergency Related injuries can use the link above to find a clinic to care for the worker.
  4. Call HR Director to inform of the injury: Sarah Johnson 214.642.1501
  5. Manager/Coordinator must go to "Manager's Portal"  and complete the information to report the injury....this must be done in 24 hrs of the injury.

Vehicle Assignment/UN-Assignment Form
Please complete all information to Assign, Transfer or UN-assign a company vehicle to an employee.

When an employee transfers to using a personal vehicle for company business the following must be submitted to HR asap: Picture of vehicle, Inspection tag, License plate and current insurance card information on the personal vehicle.

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