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Employee Accident With or Without Injury
Worker Injuries

Click here to find closest treating Doctor or Hospital

Injured Worker Help: 

  1. In an Emergency Call "911"

  2. Call your supervisor ASAP.

  3. Non-Emergency Related injuries can use the link above to find a clinic to care for the worker.

  4. Call HR Director to inform of the injury: Sarah Johnson 214.642.1501

  5. Manager/Coordinator must go to "Fleet and Safety Page"  and complete the First Report of Injury Form to report the injury even if they did not require medical treatment....this must be done within 24 hrs of the injury.

  6. All Auto Accidents must have someone complete Auto Accident Report on the Fleet and Safety Page. 



CDL Onboarding Documents, Policies & Procedures

This page is the onboarding process for BTS employees who have or are obtaining a Commercial Driver's License.

These links will take you to a PDF

Please complete each form and follow up with your hiring manager to keep up with your hiring process.

If you have questions you may call:

Ed Porter, Fleet and Safety Manager,   210-471-8839

Driver Qualification Documents

CDL Drivers must complete all required sections of this packet.  This packet is available online to print, or you can go to our office to pick one up.

Your signature is required 10 times throughout this packet.

Please fill out every section of this document.

Commercial Driver Application pages 1-6……  Please fill out the information completely and neatly...

Page 2....Signature....(Applicant Signature)

Page 5...Signature.... (Signature of Applicant)

Page 6...Signature....(Employee/Applicant)

Page 7....Scanned copy of Social Security Card and DL (front and Back)

Page 8....BTS Internal Checklist…Driver does not have to do anything on page 8…..DISREGARD

Page 9...Driver Certification of Violations…Signature Required on page 9 (Driver’s Signature)

Page 10...Employee Alcohol and Drug Statement….Signature Required on page 10 (Employee Signature)

Page 11...2 Signatures on this half and bottom....Signature on bottom half of page 11 (Driver Signature)

Page 12....Alcohol and Drug Employee’s Certified Receipt….Signature required on page 12 (Employee’s Signature)

Page 13...Affidavit to Authorize Release of CDL Holder’s Reported Positive Controlled Substance Test Results….Signature on page 13 (Signature of Driver)


Page 14....Driver’s Road Test Examination….TO BE COMPLETED BY ROAD TEST PROCTOR…page 14----No Driver Signature Required

Page 15....Certificate of Road Test….TO BE COMPLETED BY ROAD TEST PROCTOR….page 15----No Driver Signature Required

Page 16.....Certification of Required Entry Level Driver Training….Signature on page 16 (Signature of Driver)

BTS "CDL" Driver's Policies and Procedures

Please take some time to read and review our handbook.  We have placed this document online for your ease of access.  Our handbook outlines our policies and expectations for our team. 

BTS is a growing company that continues to build on a reputation of hard work and getting the job done with integrity.  It is important that all of our team members understand the spirit of our leadership and principles that we use in decision making.

This document should answer your general employment questions on our policies, if you have additional question please reach out to your supervisor and we will work to get them answered.

"CDL" Drivers for Broabdand Telecom Services are subject to the CDL Drug and Alcohol Policy provided here.

Live, Work and Play with Integrity




Achieve & Pursue Excellence




Seek New Horizons


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