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Employee Accident With or Without Injury
Worker Injuries

Click here to find closest treating Doctor or Hospital

When you have an injured worker:

  1. In an Emergency Call "911"
  2. Call your supervisor ASAP.
  3. Non-Emergency Related injuries can use the link above to find a clinic to care for the worker.
  4. Call HR Director to inform of the injury: Sarah Johnson 214.642.1501
  5. Manager/Coordinator must go to "Manager's Portal"  and complete the information to report the injury....this must be done in 24 hrs of the injury.

BTS Online Safety Training Registration

BTS now offers online safety training courses.  These courses are essential in providing a safe workforce in all areas of our company.  Each worker must complete the basic training requirements associated with their job description.  

You are welcome to review additional course offerings for advanced training.  

Each student will be issued a username and password. 

Each student will also be allowed a certain amount of time to complete the recommended training.  Safety training is required at different levels for BTS workers related to their job descriptions.

Please reach out to Edward Porter if you have any questions about course selection and access to our online courses.

Once your manager has registered you for training please use the following link to login or click on the black button on the right side of the page to get started.

BTS Comprehensive Course List (Excel File)

This is a comprehensive course list of courses you are able to enroll your team or yourself in for further safety training.

BTS General Course Catalog with descriptions of some courses (PDF)

This is a 59 page catalog outlining the most popular construction safety courses that will be helpful and beneficial to our BTS team.

DOT and Driving Courses available

This list of driving courses are specific to the DOT Program, but include excellent information for all drivers to learn.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact Edward Porter 210-471-8839
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