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Employee Accident With or Without Injury
Worker Injuries

Click here to find closest treating Doctor or Hospital

Injured Worker Help: 

  1. In an Emergency Call "911"

  2. Call your supervisor ASAP.

  3. Non-Emergency Related injuries can use the link above to find a clinic to care for the worker.

  4. Call Safety Manager to inform of the injury: Ed Porter 210-471-8839.

  5. Manager/Coordinator 
    must go to "Fleet and Safety Page"  and complete the First
    Report of Injury Form to report the injury even if they did not require medical treatment....this must be done within 24 hrs of the injury.

  6. All Auto Accidents must have someone complete Auto Accident Report on the Fleet and Safety Page. 



401(k) With Broadband Telecom Services

Broadband Telecom Services believes it’s important to help you achieve those retirement goals.


That’s why we are excited to announce that BTS is now offering you a 401(k) retirement savings from John Hancock Retirement Plan Services. A 401(k) plan is one of the best available retirement savings options.

To help you achieve your retirement goals more quickly, Broadband Telecom will match 100% percent of the first 3% of your contribution, plus 50% of the next 2%.


Employee Eligibility for 401k:

•           Minimum Age 21

•           Hours of Service: 1,000

•           Period of Service (consecutive): 12 Months as a W2 Employee


Reaching Your Retirement Goals with a 401(k)

Once you have worked for us for a year, you will receive enrollment materials that explain the John Hancock retirement plans in greater detail, but presented below are the highlights of this terrific new benefit:

  • Employer match – To get your retirement savings plan off to a good start, Broadband Telecom matches 100% of the money you contribute to the plan (up to 3%) plus, 50% of the next 2%.Two great tax advantages – You only pay income tax when you withdraw money. Your contributions are made on a pre-tax basis, meaning you immediately reduce the salary you pay taxes on. Additionally, any gains your investment achieves are tax-deferred. This can lead to a significant accumulation of retirement funds

  • Professional money management and a wide array of investment choices – John Hancock Retirement Plan Services has a wide variety of investment choices with a range of risk and return characteristics. Once you decide what asset allocation works best, your money will begin to work for you.
  • Great service – Our 401(k) service provider offers daily performance reporting and transactions anytime you need them via an interactive website. They also provide easy-to-read statements and helpful education materials.


Sign up and change contributions and investments

  • To sign up after one year of service, enrollment months are January and July.
  • Participants can make changes about how their money is invested quarterly. (Online through the John Hancock website)
  • Participants can make changes to their percentages of contributions at any time.
  • Address changes must be updated through the John Hancock website.


Start Saving for your Retirement Now

Like any savings plan, the sooner you start contributing to your 401(k) the better off you’ll be. The compounding that takes place over time can have a significant impact. Even a small contribution can make a big difference in your retirement lifestyle. You work hard for Broadband Telecom Services. We want to make sure you have the retirement you deserve. Take some time to review your enrollment kit when you receive it. I’m sure you’ll share our enthusiasm for this great new 401(k) plan.


Once you have completed one year of service you will need the following information:

Online Enrollment - Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone 
•    Select the Quick Start option and enroll in minutes 
•    Or, let Dan, your virtual enroller guide you through each step at your own pace 
•    Plus, you will find useful tools, tips and resources along the way to help you make the decisions that are right for you

Phone Enrollment - One-to-one personalized enrollment support
1-855-JHENROLL (543-6765) 
•    Talk with your own enrollment specialist who will help you complete your enrollment over the phone 
•    They can answer any questions you may have around joining your plan and moving other retirement accounts over 
•    Available from 8am to 8pm (EST), Monday to Friday.

Questions? Contact your Kim Dearman (







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