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 Fleet Accidents 

If there is an accident in one of our fleet vehicles, please fill out this form and call our Operations Manager immediately - Jeff Hartsell 210.825.8804



 Worker Injuries 
If you have a worker that has been injured please go to the "Employee Login" above and login to the website and fill out the Worker's Comp - Injury Report Form.  Also please call Sarah Johnson H.R. Director - 214.642.1501

Welcome to Broadband Telecom Services webpage! 

This site is designed to be a tool for current BTS associates and a resource for potential clients to learn about our dynamic organization.

Broadband Telecom Services is a comprehensive cable and construction contracting company.  We are growing at exciting rates and have great plans for growth and development.

About Our Organization


At Broadband Telecom Service, Inc., the foundation of the culture is based on a common value known as:  Integrity.  This is not just a word used within the company as a point of focus, but the keystone of our infrastructure for existence and the secret to our growth over time with one another, clients, customers, vendors, and the public in general.


The telecommunication industry has seen dramatic changes over the years and progressed forward in "renaissance" tradition to set new goals and reach new heights.  We take great pride in having successfully ridden the waves of change and look forward to the future as technology continues to meet Moore's law (technology doubles in speed and reduces in size every 24 months) and beyond.  Broadband Telecom Service, Inc. continually meets new challenges with the same dedicated focus on providing quality, safety, and value to customers while maintaining total integrity in the process from start to finish on each and every project.


Broadband Telecom Services, Inc. is committed to being the best in the communication service industry.  We perform complete quality design, build, installation, operation, and maintenance of municipal, private, and publically owned co-ax, copper, and fiber broadband networks, data systems, microwave links, radio systems, uplink/downlink feeds, and direct satellite systems to residential and commercial customers.



Professional groups of technicians, installers, project managers, estimators, logistic teams, accountants, clerical support and leadership at Broadband Telecom Service, Inc. provide superior customer service and support seven days a week to meet the needs of our clients and their customers.


  • Live, Work and Play with Integrity
  • Achieve and Pursue Excellence
  • Seek New Horizons

Broadband Telecom Services
18930 Marbach Ln

San Antonio, TX  78266

Office: 817.441.9386

Fax: 210.568.2708

Email: sjohnson@btscable.com

Live, Work and Play with Integrity




Achieve & Pursue Excellence




Seek New Horizons